I only found this out today, mainly because my finger has been well and truly off the myspace pulse over the last few months. But it appears that last month the brilliant Bolt Action Five called it a day.

The message on their myspace account being as follows:

“Thanks to everyone for their support, we had a good two years but we’ve all moved onto new things now.”

I had the pleasure of seeing these guys play at the club I DJ at in Southampton, Unit 22, At somepoint last summer and they were amazing, really catchy and full of energy. Popular with fans and industry types Bolt Action Five have been remixed by Dan Le Sac and the legendary Kissy Sell Out in their time.

Its a real shame to see them call it quits, but not all bad news as a new project has already been formed by the guys. “Fables” consists of ‘people who used to be in Bolt Action Five & 586, and some people who didn’t’.

Check them out at:


And visit Bolt Action Fives Myspace where the boys have kindly supplied links to download pretty much their whole back catalogue as a parting gift.

Heres a couple of my favourites to keep you going for now:

Think Fast – Bolt Action Five

Tree Friend Tree Foe (Kissy Sell Out Remix) – Bolt Action Five

and a demo from Fables also:

Night Men (Demo) – Fables

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