Riots In L.A

These guys have been on my watchlist for just under a year now. In that time they’ve gone remix crazy, Pumping out amazing tracks left right and centre.

They’ve recently been signed on by MSTRKRFTS management and have a record deal with indie label Fools Gold, which is co-owned by A-Trak, Kanye West‘s long term DJ and awesome remixer in his own right (Check out his version of Beeper).

So yes, it appears LA Riots are getting big. Want more proof? Kylie Minogues people have also asked them to remix her track ‘Boombox’. A clip of this in the working can be found on LA Riots My Space page.

Anyway, I’ve decided to post a little handful of my favourite LA Riots remixes so far, some old, some new. Enjoy.

Switchblade – Hearts Revolution (LA Riots Remix)

Control – Kid Sister (LA Riots Remix)

Can’t believe a single word – VHS or Beta (LA Riots Remix)

Ready for the floor – Hot Chip (LA Riots vs Villians Remix)

DVNO – Justice (LA Riots Bootleg Remix)

The Party – Justice Feat: Uffie (LA Riots Remix)

Lowlife – Scanners (LA Riots Remix)

Bonafied Lovin’ – Chromeo (LA Riots Remix)


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