The Great Esape Part One

Thanks to my amazing best friend blagging me a delegate pass through her job I managed to experience my first Great Escape after all.

Last night armed with a photo that doesn’t look alot like me..but seemed to pass..we spent most the night at the Barfly and headed out after my stupid long job let me out at 10pm.

First up were Friendly Fires. This was my second time seeing them after discovering them at last years Bestival. We didn’t really get into the thick of things due to us both suffering massive hangovers from the night before, but this didn’t stop them being brilliant. Kicking off with ‘Your Love’ they sounded brilliant despite the Barfly’s quite terribble set up and really worked the crowd.

We then waited for about an hour and a half in an increasingly busy venue with a one in one out policy by this point. I could jump on the bandwagon and moan about the organisation of the festival at this point, as many people were doing when queuing to get out for a cigarette, queuing for the toilet or after being stuck outside the venue for a long peroid of time..but considering what I’ve heard about last year, it seems improved to me and its pretty obvious to me that when there are so many acts spead across Brighton in different venues that getting there early is the key I won’t moan..for once.

Next on stage were Ipso Facto. I hadn’t heard too much about this all girl London band before except their track ‘Balderdash’. They reminded me a little of Electrelane which is always a good thing. Their stage presence was suited to their sound and their performance I found pretty intense in the most positive way. Although the many drunk ‘lads’ surrounding the stage yelling “get your tits out” in a caveman fashion did taint it slightly. But still, I thoroughly recommend giving them a look.

Next I dragged my two friends to the Concorde, after a long walk dicussing hobbit houses and hangovers, we waited for a fair amount of time to get in the venue and see The Ting Tings. I think I was the only one out of us excited to see the band at this point, but they were a must see for me. Opening with what I see as their strongest track ‘Great DJ’ they really made an impact. And luckily my friends were swayed. The difference in sound quality between The Barfly and The Concorde was noticable immeadiately and it made me thankful I’d seen The Ting Tings tonight rather than the previous night at Barfly. Front woman Katie White had a brilliant stage presence and was full of energy. Her vocals were flawless and much like Blood Red Shoes their on stage sound was massive for a two piece. They flew through tracks ‘Fruit Machine’, ‘Shut up and Let Me Go’ and the crowd went mad for their single ‘That’s Not My Name’. Closing with album title track ‘We Started Nothing’ I was impressed. My only criticism would be that alot of the songs are pretty samey, but I sort of expected that from them. They’re a pop band after all and a fun one at that, so when not taken too seriously, they’re brilliant. I’ll definately be buying their album on Monday.

So yes, tonight theres more. I’m very excited about seeing a few of my friends bands including ‘The XX’, ‘The Godwits’ and ‘Thomas Tantrum’. And I’m pretty sure that ‘Santogold’, ‘The Clik Cliks’, ‘Soko’ and ‘Ebony Bones’ are going to be my highlights.

Friendly Fires – On Board

Ipso Facto – Balderdash

The Ting Tings – Fruit Machine

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