The Great Escape Part Two

Saturday went abit wrong for me..

I had big plans of seeing as many bands as I could, but due to rain, hunger and other such inconveniences it didn’t quite go like that..However, the ones I did see were quite brilliant, bar a couple.

The lowlight of the day was definately the news of Santogold pulling out of her two performances due to illness. That was quite rubbish for me as she was one of the artists I was dying to see. But nevermind.

Highlight was definately around 4pm at Audio. For the suprise accoustic set with Kid Harpoon and Soko. Collaborating for duets of their own tracks it was both hilarious and brilliant.

Heres a little taster:

Next up I headed to the pub, but thats kind of irrelevant I guess..and so is trying to locate my best friend on the pier in the pissing rain..but anyway that meant me missing ‘The Clik Clik’ which I was a tad sad about as “White Nike Dunks” has been stuck in my head recently, but I have a funny feeling that in a month or so I may feel the same about them as I do about ‘Hadouken’..and thats not great. I may be wrong of course.

So yes, I located my friend and then headed over to Revenge. It felt weird being in this venue without being surrounded by half naked men grinding on each other, but I embraced it anyway as we then experienced ‘Bunny Rabbit’ all the way from Brooklyn. They were awesome. Quite sleazy and full of energy, I was a fan after the first track really. They pulled a bigger crowd than I’d anticipated, although that could of been because ‘Wiley’ was due to play after them. He pulled out at the last minute aswell..but to be honest, that didn’t exactly make me shed a tear.

Next up I was torn between 3 acts I wanted to see quite badly. They were ‘Thomas Tantrum’, ‘Lightspeed Champion’ and ‘Robots In Disguise’. Due to being an indecisive fool I decided (Yes I made a decision) that because I have seen all of these bands before I should go to Somerfield, get a sandwich and head to Hectors House early for our friends ‘The XX’.

I hadn’t seen ‘The XX’ play in roughly a year and since then they have introduced new member ‘DJ Biffstruck’ to do their beats live on stage. The change was amazing, all of the band looked more confident and the tracks I knew previously had seemed to be reworked slightly. They generally had more substance and it was brilliant to watch. I recommend everyone to check out this band as it’ll be no suprise if 2008 is their year.

A little bit lost about what to do next after Santogold pulled out we headed to meet some friends at The Coalition. On the bill here were ‘The RGBs’ and ‘Sam Sparro’.

‘The RGB’s’ were a band I couldn’t decide on. Live they were definately good. They were full of energy and really worked the crowd, I also admired the singers stage outfit..a gold shiny leotard..accompianed by a keytar which is always good. Something about their sound I liked, it was upbeat and dancey but not really anything I hadn’t heard before. However they did make good background music while we drank and composed religious dance routines which fit brilliantly.

‘Sam Sparro’ disappointed me to be honest. I wasn’t expecting too much, but I do rate “Black & Gold” as a pretty good song. Watching him live was pretty boring however, his songs were samey and he presence was like watching a poor mans ‘Calvin Harris’. Not a great way to end the weekend really.

But overall. Brilliant.


Bunny Rabbit – Saddle Up

The RGB’s – Everlaster

Sam Sparro – Black & Gold


Soko’s Myspace

Kid Harpoon’s Myspace

Bunny Rabbit’s Myspace

The XX Myspace

The RGB’s Myspace

Sam Sparro’s Myspace

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