A real quick one today. I’ve found my new favourite remixers in time for the summer.

Stealthdisco are a bleepy bleepy powerhouse band from London Town. Imagine Head Automatica like vocals mixed with Test Icicles energy and thrashy beats sprinkled with some perky midi beeps. Basically I enjoy them alot.

To make this even better they’re also brilliant remixers and DJ’s. Blog site ‘Electrorash’ quotes them as being to the Clik Cliks what The Twelves are to The Black Kids. And I completely agree. The Twelves injected what I was dying for someone to pump into “I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you”. For that I respect them eternally. And because of the following three remixes I’m about to link you to I have fallen for Stealthdisco.

Behold! Downloads!

Seasnake (Stealthdisco Remix) – Cleft Palettes

Did U Wrong (Stealthdisco Skimix) – The Clik Clik

Better Off As (Stealthdisco’s “I’ve Been Dreaming” Demo Remix) – Frank Musik

And as an added bonus, have a little listen to their band, you won’t be disappointed:

The Greatest Invention – Stealthdisco

Minty Finds Love – Stealthdisco

These Ideas – Stealthdisco


Stealthdisco Band Myspace

Stealthdisco DJ’s Myspace

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One thought on “STEALTH!

  1. Beaumont says:

    Got to love the Stealth


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