This ones for Bradley

So one of my best friends swanned off to L.A for two months last night. Leaving me here in rainy old Brighton. How rude of him don’t you think? Well no neither…I suppose its quite a brilliant opportunity..and I guess I’m a tiny bit proud of its ok.

As a parting gift I’m going to post up a few little ditties that remind me of him so when hes out in L.A without me, missing me terribly (don’t deny it Brad) he can have a little listen and have a little smile.

I hope no one else judges me on the quality of music I’m about to put up here.

Disclaimer : Being eclectic is ok, no matter how uncool.

Only heard in one of three places..1) My Bedroom, 2) Bradleys bedroom, 3) Revenge. Enough said really.

All I Want – Misteeq

Perfect Gentleman – Wyclef Jean
(Because Brad does the rap better than they do)

Since You’ve Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson
(You fucked my mum)

Don’t judge me.

Bradley. Enjoy.


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