Get Franked

Heres something I’ve been waiting for for quite a long time..and it comes just in time for the sunny months. If you ask me you can’t really get much better for summery, cheerful, eletro-pop than Frankmusik.

Hes been a busy bee recently touring the UK on the Wonky tour with Alphabeat and is currently set to release his first official UK single “In Step” (See video below). Its a catchy little number which I’m pretty sure I’ve heard live before. The video itself upsets me slightly as it reminds me of how pathetic I was at Hula Hooping at school, but hopefully it won’t trigger off a new trend and I’ll be ok.

Also doing the rounds is new sample track “Done Done”. I wasn’t sure of this one at first, its a slow little ditty compared to Vince’s normal style. But on a couple of listens, I’ve fallen for it much like everything else hes produced. “Done Done” really shows off his vocal range and is really quite cute in general. I’m sold. But then I never doubted I would be really.

“In Step” is out to download on June 9th. Buy it. I’ve never met a more deserving chap before. Support him!

Done Done – Frankmusik

as a special treat, an oldie..

Medley – Frankmusik

and a collaboration from his recent tour..

Digital Love (Daft Punk Cover) – Frankmusik, Alphabeat and Leon Jean-Marie

And here is my personal favourite “Your Face” is a corker. Head over to Onemoredisco to read an interview with the man himself.

Your Face – Frankmusik

Head over to Frankmusik’s Myspace for more new tracks.

And visit Franktalksmusik for his own personal blog.



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