Have you ever heard the opening beat of a track and been overwhelmed with a feeling from inside? I’m not just talking about a pure love for a certain song, or an excitement which leads to you rushing onto the dancefloor, or infact a hatred which causes you to head for the bar instead. I’m talking about an inner feeling, uncontrollable, caused by an association in your brain linking this song to a specific moment, or feeling, or period in your life.

Maybe it makes you smile because it reminds you of someone you know or once knew, or makes you sad because it takes you back to a time where you were happier. Maybe it reminds you of a time where you were so sad or heartbroken that you have mixed feelings, a pang of happiness linked to a sickness in your stomach.

I have quite a few of those songs. None of which compare to the one I played in a set on Sunday, a song that I haven’t been able to play for almost a year infact, because it does funny things to me that sometimes I can’t handle depending on my frame of mind.

But yes, On Sunday, I managed it. And I still felt that little pang of hurt, but it also made me smile as I can now look back and remember it for the happy moments, not the sad. This is healing I guess.

The below track is not the one I’m talking about, but its relevant as it represents that same period of time for me and that same person. So therefore its important.

Plus..the video is brilliant in an 80’s I’ve done too many pills kind of way..

Make It Happen (The New Hit Mix) – The Teenagers



One thought on “Association..

  1. Claire Worel says:

    I like what you write, what songs are you actually talking about?

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