Keep On Running, Make It Better..

The Energies is singer/songwriter Nick Nicola. His sound is warm and heartfelt. Based in London, Nick is apparently influenced by late greats such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Cat Stevens.

I’ll be honest, the original tracks aren’t really my cup of tea, they’re nice, but lack some sort of oompfh if you like. I’m not convinced that Mr Nicola knows what he wants to achieve genre wise. His lyrics have quite an inspiring philosophy behind them, but at times appear a little cheesy. I can definitely imagine my Dad enjoying him on his in car mixtapes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, my Dads taste isn’t awful unless you scan his collection and come across Maroon 5.

However, what I am into are the following two remixes of his track “Born Again Runner”. Fred Falke and Lifelike give the track the injection of oompfh I was talking about, making it a perfectly acceptable dance floor track in time for the summer.

I’ll let you decide…

Born Again Runner (Fred Falke Remix) – The Energies

Born Again Runner (Lifelike Remix) – The Energies

The Energies Myspace


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