Seriously though..

This is easily one of my tracks of 2008 so far.

In terms of release date its a little old, but I don’t believe it got as much recognition as it deserved.

Lyrically this song sums my life really. Esser gives a honest and raw portrayal of what its really like to be in love. No flowers, chocolates and cute little bunnies here. More like fear, paranoia and blatant pessimism.

“Love can be draining like internal bleeding”.

Too right Esser, too right..

Check out the video by Elisha Smith-Leverock & Pella Kågerman too. Its enjoyable.

Oh and if anyone wants to join me at Audio in Brighton on July 17th to watch the man himself play, that would be lovely.

Esser – I Love You

Esser’s Myspace


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