Love Lives Two Doors Down…

Mystery Jets have always been quite a middle of the road band for me.

I’ve liked, but not loved, they’ve bored me, but I never disliked them.

However, thats changed for me recently. I got my hands on their new album “Twenty One” a couple of weeks ago, it remained unplayed for awhile and then one sunny day, on came single “Two Doors Down“. Its been played at least once a day ever since.

I’ve been abit lazy in terms of good old indie bands recently, mainly because I found there were so many being shoved in my face on a day to day basis that it all started to sound the same, which of course, isn’t actually true. So I’m going to attempt more of an effort from now on by keeping the rubbish ones such as The Hoosiers and Scouting For Girls locked on the plane to one hit wonder island, while filtering out the gooduns. Mystery Jets being one of the latter.

Below are two of my favourites from the album, one featuring guest vocals from the wonderful Laura Marling. Both in their original form and remixed form after being played with by greats Duke Dumont and The Shoes. And as an extra treat heres the video for earlier single “Young Love” because I really enjoy it especially the Laura Marling verse, obviously.


Two Doors Down – Mystery Jets

Two Doors Down (Duke Dumont Remix) – Mystery Jets

Young Love (Feat. Laura Marling) – Mystery Jets

Young Love (Feat. Laura Marling) (The Shoes Remix) – Mystery Jets


Mystery Jets Myspace

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