Anything But Disastrous

The sun is shining today in Brighton and I’m about to provide you with the perfect musical accompaniment.

Sonny J‘s album Disastro (released 16th June 2008) is packed to the brim with sample filled tracks set to kick your days off with a smile and a funny little dance…

At least that’s what it does to me..

Your ears will be blessed with the most eclectic mix of trashy hooks, old school samples, varied vocals, all sprinkled over the most infectious summer beats.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check these bad boys out and then get your wallet out and buy what will end up being this summers musical saviour. I did.

Can’t Stop Moving – Sonny J

Belly Bongo – Sonny J

Hands Free (If You Hold My Hand) – Sonny J

Enfant Terrible (The Losers Remix) – Sonny J


Sonny J Myspace


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One thought on “Anything But Disastrous

  1. Polly says:

    I totally agree about Sonny J’s album… it is truly marvelous.

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