Somethings been left behind..

Somethings missing from the new material by C.S.S, I just can’t put my finger on what it is.

It may simply be that I’m bored of them maybe? Their last album was pretty rinsed over and over again. So that could be it?

Maybe its the loss of their 6th member bassist Ira Trevisan.

I’m just not sure really. But I am sure however, that the new album is a little on the weak side. A little on the serious side too. They’ve lost their edge for certain. Theres no more fun. Although you could argue that producing another album full of cheeky lyrics about dirty fingers in his bitches would get a little old too.

Lovefoxxx has definitely had singing lessons/been overproduced. That was my first thought. That’s not a bad thing obviously, she sounds good vocally. But as a front woman she was never about flawless vocals really..she has a presence which overcomes the need for that and concentrates more on making their gigs like a party for their fans. I just hope they don’t lose that aspect of their live performance, as that would be a shame.

All that said, “Left Behind” is a good track. Different. But good. Filled with really bitter, break up worthy lyrics, which I’m really enjoying at the moment. Definitely summer worthy. But as far as the rest goes..I doubt it’ll become the soundtrack to mine.

Left Behind – C.S.S


C.S.S Myspace


3 thoughts on “Somethings been left behind..

  1. Chris Ward says:

    i agree with u on the new css track.. nice posts btw! ive just finally started up a blog with some good new stuff and old favourites uploaded, check it out..

    and if you havnt heard of them already, I’d recommend listening to Animals Talking.. they’re a very hot party.. later! x

  2. therecommender says:

    Totally agree with the whole CSS lost magic you mention.

    Been reading through your blog – you’re from Brighton too – Cool! I wander if we have met before? Ever DJ’d at The Ocean Rooms coz I’m often involved with Henrons activities?

    I’ve my own Brighton-based blog. Find it here…

    I’ll pop you on my blogroll list. Feel free to pop me on yours if you like what you see.

    I’ll keep popping back.

    Going to be writing a post all about the LA scene today, including LA Riots which I see you have also covered. They fucking rock!! Gonna add Royal Rumble and Classixx to the post too. Nice.

    All the best,
    (from Upper North St)

  3. Lohands says:

    Hey Mike,

    Yep, I’m from Brighton indeed.

    I’ve played Ocean Rooms a couple of times for our old night Nervous Twitch, last one was a couple of weeks ago. But yes I know Henron and go to SITU quite abit.

    I’ve added you to the blog roll, I’m going to have a little read now.

    You’re completely spot on with LA Riots. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment chap.


    (From Marlborough Place)

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