Because it made me laugh abit…

…and reminded me of my teenage years, heading home from school and collapsing on the sofa, flicking between BBC 2 and Channel 4 between 6-7pm..

Yes. Its the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Remixed by Chicago DJ’s “The Starters”.

I can’t decide whether its brilliant because its abit of a joke..or because its actually pretty darn good. Either way, I still know the all the words..and that impressed me.

Prince Of Bel Air (Starters Remix) – Will Smith

And thrown in for good measure, heres The Starters take on one of the best tracks this decade. (In my opinion of course).

Paper Planes (Starters Remix) – M.I.A

Starters Myspace

And if thats not enough for’ll find this mixtape quite a joy I’m sure. Hosted by Urb Magazine.


01 D.O.G.
02 Your Love Iz What It Iz (The Cool Kids vs Frankie Knuckles) by The Hood Internet
03 What You Know De Boyz (T.I. vs Crookers vs. M.I.A.)
04 Rookie of the Year (Diplo Mix) by Vince P (Produced by Diplo)
05 Romantic by Flosstradamus
06 Dey Know (Million $ Mano Remix) by Shawty Lo
07 Plastic by Really Doe Feat. Kanye West & Vince P.
08 Voglio Solo Action Figures (Crookers vs Cool Kids) by Starters DJ’s
09 Pop Rock Robots by Vince P
10 Juke And Pop (Mic Terror vs Green Velvet) by The Hood Internet
11 Burn It Up (Starters Remix) by Messinian (Starters Remix)
12 Mr. Fresh Bounce by Vince P
13 Ginger (Starters Remix) by Time
14 80s Problems (Tha Basix vs Mahjongg) by The Hood Internet
15 Wait And See by Vince P
16 Cakeicide (Hollywood Holt vs The Prairie Cartel) by The Hood Internet
17 Don’t Take by Vince P
18 Beeper by The Count and Sinden featuring Kid Sister



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