She Speaks..

Lele [Speaks]
is an 18 year old girl from Croydon who is apparently making waves in the underground London Hip Hop scene.

She quotes herself as being “not another ‘ho’ on the scene” as shes “unique and doing her own thing”.

I’m not 100% sure I’m convinced of this. Mainly because of the massive surge of female MC’s we see infiltrating the music scene of late.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the tracks I’m about to post for you. They’re alright. She has some interesting lyrics, her vocal style is very British and its always good to hear that rather than mimicking existing vocal styles. However she lacks some spark if you ask me. With female artists such as Kid Sister, Santogold, Miss Odd Kidd and Uffie holding so much space on the scene of present its difficult to imagine her up there with them.

But then saying that, maybe I’m being too harsh. Shes still only 18, so theres a long way to go yet. I can imagine with a good producer behind her and some life being injected into her backing tracks, Lele [Speaks] could probably do some damage.

Check out her video for track “Uh Oh”..

Crazy – Lele [Speaks]

Bloody Mental – Lele [Speaks]

Uh Oh – Lele [Speaks]

You’re A Wrongen – Lele [Speaks]




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