A not so guilty pop pleasure…

I don’t know where my head was buried when it came to this track, because it took my good friend Bradley coming back from his trip to L.A and playing me this for me to hear it.

Yes, that’s right Bradley, you introduced me to it. You get the credit.

So the artist is Lady GaGa and the track is “Just Dance”.

Artists like this seem to get churned out regularly from the U.S and they’re usually pretty samey. Although I must admit, I do tend to harbour a secret enjoyment for them on most occasions, especially in Ashlee Simpson’s case for example. Don’t judge me OK?

Anyway, I’m not going to justify my liking of this song. You can make up your own minds. Unless you already have of course because it appears I’m a little late with this one.

What I will admit to however, is the fact that after listening to a handful of her other tracks, I’m not sure I’ll be a long term fan. But theres nothing wrong with a one hit wonder in my eyes. If your one hit is this good that is..

Just take it for what it is, a hella catchy pop track screaming out for an even better remix which I’m sure will follow..for now theres an OK one found below.

Just Dance – Lady GaGa (Featuring Colby O’Donis)

Just Dance (Lunyp Dance Dance Dance Bmore Mix) – Lady GaGa

Also the video is quite pleasurable on the eyes. Not that one of my reasons for liking her is superficial in any way at all…

Lady Gaga’s Myspace

Thank you Bradley.


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