Yuksek is…

Yuksek is Pierre-Alexandre Busson, a talented fellow from France.

Yuksek is one of the leading DJ’s on the new wave of French Electro.

Yuksek is also the man behind the remix of the track I’ve got looping around my head at the moment. The track that after hearing it on Kid Color’s “Carded and Discarded” mixtape, has constantly been looping around my head infact.

Not particularly new, this is true.

But particularly awesome.

Charlie Brown (Yuksek Remix) – Ghostface Killah

Heres a couple more from Yuksek:

Ugodzilla (Yuksek Remix) – Ugod

Bonafied Lovin’ (Yusek Remix) – Chromeo

And for abit of High School musical style cheese made credible, a rework double teamed by Yuksek and Brodinski..

10,000 Nights Of Thunder (Brodinski & Yuksek Remix) – Alphabeat

Yuksek has a new E.P coming out in September so keep your eyes peeled. Hes also playing at this years Bestival. If you’re lucky enough to have tickets, go see him.

Yuksek’s Myspace


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