Temper Temper

This band are going to go off any minute now. Infact, that’s an understatement, because its already begun.

Thomas Tantrum are a indie-pop four piece from my university town, Southampton. Theres something about Southampton in terms of producing darn good indie bands. You wouldn’t expect it, trust me, I lived there for 4 years. On first look its a pretty average, dingy town. But what it has got is a real sense of community on its music scene. Its modest, supportive and really close knit. If you ever happen to find yourself there, have a little wander into Lennons, Goblets, The Old Fat Cat, Unit 22 (when it hopefully reopens) and most importantly The Joiners. If you give it a couple of chances, you’re bound to stumble across an up and coming band that will eventually make waves on the scene.

Thomas Tantrum definitely being the most successful Southampton export since The Delays hit big time with their album ‘You See Colours’ in 2006.

The band consist of unique and beautiful vocalist Megan Thomas, Guitarist David Miatt, Bassist Jimmy Shivers and drummer Ken Robshaw. Their sound has been championed by NME, Radio 1 and even Lily Allen who put them in the number one spot of her friends list on Myspace.

With 2 E.P’s under their belt already, released on both Cool For Cats and Marquis Cha Cha Records, they’re now back with their third, this time put out by Sindy Strokers.

The third E.P is entitled ‘Work It’ which includes the title track and ‘Armchair 08’. ‘Work It’ is full of danceable drum beats, twangy hooks, hand claps and catchy vocal lines, bound to stay floating around your head for days as it did mine. While ‘Armchair 08’ provides a more chilled out feel giving Megan the time to showcase her almost haunting vocal range.

You must buy this record. I’ve been so bored of loved by NME bands for such a long time because they pump out the same boring rubbish over and over again. I often find it hard to distinguish who is who, which is why the majority of the time I turn my back and go in search of electro instead.

Thomas Tantrum change that. They have had me excited since I heard their original demo’s in my old student bedroom in Southampton and now, with a more polished and perfected sound, the excitement has only grown.

Check the band out on their extensive UK tour over the next few months on the following dates:

20 Aug 2008 – Launch Party @ The Mill, Glasgow
22 Aug 2008 – Reading Festival – BBC Introducing Stage
23 Aug 2008 – Leeds Festival – BBC Introducing Stage
30 Aug 2008 – Offset Festival (main stage) London
3 Sep 2008 – Fat Sams, Dundee
5 Sep 2008 – QMU, Glasgow
7 Sep 2008 – Bestival, Isle Of Wight
9 Sep 2008 – Barfly, Liverpool
11 Sep 2008 – Sk!nt Club night @ Roadmender, Northampton
14 Sep 2008 – Shoreditch Shuffle @ The Hoxton Pony, London
15 Sep 2008 – Cockpit, Leeds
16 Sep 2008 – York Barfly, York
17 Sep 2008 – Cavern Club, Exeter
18 Sep 2008 – Start the Bus, Bristol
19 Sep 2008 – Boiler Rooms, Guildford
21 Sep 2008 – Academy, Birmingham
22 Sep 2008 – Barfly, Cardiff
23 Sep 2008 – Scala, London
24 Sep 2008 – Seen, Darlington
25 Sep 2008 – Cockpit, Leeds
26 Sep 2008 – The Social, Nottingham
27 Sep 2008 – Korova, Liverpool
28 Sep 2008 – Barfly, Cardiff
30 Sep 2008 -Portland Arms, Cambridge
1 Oct 2008 – Hoxton Bar & Grill, London
4 Oct 2008 – In The City @ Joshua Brooks, Manchester
10 Oct 2008 – Joiners, Southampton
18 Oct 2008 – The Vaults w/ Art Brut, Winchester
25 Oct 2008 – BBC Electric Proms @ Barfly, Liverpool

Then take a peek at the video for new single ‘Work It’..

Next head over to itunes where you can buy all 3 of the bands E.P’s…

And then wait with baited breath until September 1st when the bands Self Titled debut album hits the stores…

Thomas Tantrums Myspace



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