Getting Closer…

7 sleeps and counting…

Here’s another little collection of the acts I’ll be rushing to see and I suggest you do too..

Two brilliantly distinguished DJ’s in their own right The Count of of Monte Cristal (AKA Herve) and Sinden are bound to set the Bestival dance floor alight. Producers of huge hits as solo artists with tracks such as Herve’s ‘Cheap Thrills‘, ‘Ghetto Bitches‘ and Sinden’s well known remixes of artists such as ‘Basement Jaxx’, ‘Riot In Belgium’ and ‘Chromeo’ these guys are already pretty damn established on the scene as individuals. But then came their collaboration ‘Beeper’ making them a household name on the electro/dance circuit. A must see.

Hardcore Girls – The Count and Sinden Feat Rye Rye

Beeper (Radio Edit) – The Count and Sinden Feat Kid Sister

The Count and Sinden’s Myspace

I’ve had the opportunity to see Chromeo live on about three separate occasions in the last year and every time its fallen through. Chromeo are one of my ‘safety acts’ shall we say. One of those artists that when I’m going through a stage of not knowing what to listen to, or what I’m in the mood for, I stumble across in my itunes and find myself content. These guys are making funk a thing of the present and I can’t wait to finally catch them live.

Bonafied Lovin’ – Chromeo
Me & My Man – Chromeo (YSI)

Chromeo’s Myspace

The last time I saw Foals was around 2 years ago in a little club in Birmingham. I was on tour with my best friends band and they were on the same bill which also included another friends band The Ripps. I hadn’t heard of Foals at this point but remember us all standing and staring in awe as they played, they were so full of energy and it was obvious even then that they were going places. 2 years on and they’re one of the biggest bands on the UK indie circuit. Quite rightly too. Their debut album ‘Antidotes’ is one of the best I’ve bought this year. If you’ve had your head buried in the sand throughout 2008 and you’re digging yourself out in time for Bestival, may I suggest you seek this band out immediately.

Hummer – Foals (YSI)

Cassius – Foals (YSI)

Foals Myspace


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