The Countdown Begins!

So with a week to go until I leave for the magical place that is Bestival I am finally allowed to get excited. Because this week I managed to get a ticket. Hooray!

So over the next 7 days, to help keep my excitement to a controllable level I’m going to vent on this here blog giving you a run down of the artists I cannot wait to see!

This will be in no order of preference. Just random artists that are getting me excited..and theres alot!!

First Up! Ida Maria

I only got hold of her full album this week as I thought I’d let the hype die down before getting excited by her. It was only when I was wandering through the North Laines last week and heard ‘I like you so much better when you’re naked’ booming out of a shops speakers that I remembered again that there was something I had to buy. And I’m glad I did. Album ‘Fortress Around My Heart’ is superb. Full to the brim of punchy-folky-indie-rock with a couple of cuter and catchier tracks sprinkled into the mix for good measure. One of the best artists of 2008 for sure.

I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked – Ida Maria

Ida Maria’s Myspace

Its been a big year for French duo The Shoes. They’ve really been working the festival circuit this summer and have been supporting Santogold on her latest London dates. I’ve had my eyes on these guys for quite sometime now as they produce track after track followed by remix after remix of pure brilliance.

Here’s a little taster of what I’m talking about..

Knock Out – The Shoes

The Shoes Myspace

The Black Ghosts are my top artist of the last 12 months. Without a doubt. This will be the first time I get the pleasure of witnessing them in person and I will be there. Early. On my own if I have to be. Although I’m pretty certain I won’t have to be..

I’m still not bored of this track, even after a zillion remixes..

Anyway You Choose To Give It – The Black Ghosts (YSI)

Black Ghosts Myspace

I cannot wait.


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