When it rains…

The weather is disgusting.

Right now I am sincerley hoping that Met Check is correct about the sun coming out at Bestival. Because I havent got wellies and will sulk if it rains loads. No one wants that now do they?

In theme with the current weather heres a track from another artist I’m looking forward to seeing at the weekend, Ebony Bones.

When It Rains – Ebony Bones and Timbaland

Ebony Bones is a super lady from London with a collection of quite brilliant post-punk-electro-pop under her belt. I saw her quite awhile ago at Club Motherfucker in London and her energy on stage was outstanding. A few years on I can’t wait to see how much further shes come on. If a collaboration with Timbaland doesn’t hint at superstar status I don’t know what does.

Heres another couple to convince you…

We know all about you – Ebony Bones

I’m Your Future X-Wife – Ebony Bones (YSI)

Ebony Bones Myspace



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