Love, love, love

I’ve come across something this evening that has truly given me butterflies.

October the 14th is going to be a very special day for me indeed. As this day sees the release of a long awaited E.P. It is entitled ‘Thieves’ and includes 6 previously unreleased tracks by a very special band called The Organ.

2005-2006 will always hold good memories for me as its the period of time in which I truly fell in love with this bands music. Its very rare that this happens to me. I mean sure, I have bands that mean alot to me, but not like this. ‘Grab That Gun’ will almost certainly go down as one of the few albums of my life. And in 2005-2006 I was luckily enough to book a couple of shows for this band and tour with them for parts of their last two UK tours making a documentary for my then degree. Because of this I can vouch that the five members of this band are not only incredibly talented, but also wonderful people.

To say that I’m excited about their upcoming release is an understatement. A massive one. I demand that you buy ‘Thieves’ next month as it will be available in stores and on itunes released on Mint/604 records.

In the meantime, behold this beautiful video for the track ‘Fire In The Ocean’ directed by Samara Liu. I hope it creates the same feelings in you that it does in me.

And for old times sake here is a taster of their past brilliance with a song that triggers for me so many important and significant memories..

No One Has Ever Looked So Dead – The Organ (YSI) (Alt Link – Mediafire)

The Organ’s Myspace


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