Vice Kills

A lovely little Vice tour comes to Brighton town on Friday November the 7th. For a mere £7 and little walk down to the seafront to Coalition gets you this lot:

Hailed by NME and The Guardian and destined for greatness this year, Little Boots is a pop chanteuse short of stature but big on hooks.

Dels is a graphic designer turned killer MC whose new single, “Lazy”, also features Joe Hot Chip.


Birmingham-based Now Wave band on the warpath.

DJs on the night include the fantastic NIGHTMOVES, GETME and STEVE NOLAN (ALLEZ ALLEZ).

Not bad ey? Worth going to check Dels out alone I’d say. But with Little Boots and Nightmoves thrown in too? Awesome.


Myself Malfunction – Dels (YSI)

Stuck On Repeat – Little Boots (YSI)

Gravity’s Rainbow (Nightmoves Remix) – Klaxons (YSI)



Dels Myspace

Little Boots Myspace

Nightmoves Myspace

Mirror Mirror’s Myspace


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