Dances With White Girls


Coming straight out of Throne of Blood Records (Label set up by The Rapture and DJ James Friedman) is the incredibly infectious E.P ‘New Crack Swing’ by Dances With White Girls.

If the name is new to you, Dances With White Girls is a young man called ‘Frog’, not the most ‘gangster’ name you might say..maybe not..but Frog has landed with some awesome new tracks which fit nicely into a genre hes labelling as ‘Thug House’.

Throne of Blood was originally set up for The Rapture to release some early 12″ singles, but this E.P alone sets them in pretty good stead to have some cracking releases under their belts.

This track in particular has been storming around in my head the last few days..

Girlsbug – Dances With White Girls (YSI) (Alt Link Mediafire)

And Frog’s Remix of this Nightcrawlers classic track is incredibly worthy too..

Push The Feeling (Dances With White Girls Baltimore Club Remix) – Nightcrawlers (YSI) (Alt Link Mediafire)


Dances With White Girls Myspace

Throne Of Blood Records Myspace


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