The first ladies of everything good

Kid Sister and M.I.A. Two of the three most important female artists of this decade if you ask me. Santogold being the third of course.

So considering this, the last two months have been pretty exciting havent they??


Kid Sisters debut album drops in four days time. Entitled ‘Dream Date’ the tracklisting is as follows:

1. Fashion Friction (Intro)
2. Life on TV (prod. by Yuksek)
3. Let Me Bang (prod. by XXXChange)
4. Family Reunion ft. David Banner (prod. by Diplo)
5. Don’t Stop Movin’ (prod. by Infamous and Develop)
6. Beeper (prod. by The Count and Sinden)
7. Get Fresh (prod. by A-Trak and XXXChange)
8. Pro Nails ft. Kanye West (prod. by A-Trak)
9. Down Ass Jawn (prod. by Trackademicks)
10. Dream Date Skit
11. First Ladies ft. Estelle (prod. by Curt Cameruci for Flosstradamus)
12. Control (prod. by XXXChange)
13. Switch Board ft. DJ Gant-Man (prod. by DJ Gant-Man)
14. You Ain’t Really Down (prod. by Greg “G-Ball” Magers and Graham “Grahamdogg” Burris)
Bonus-track: 15. Damn Girl (prod. by A-Trak)

Could this album have been touched by a greater collaborative group of producers/DJ’s?? I don’t think so. This is going to be one hell of a treat.


Secondly, in line with her sudden increase of fame thanks to ‘Paper Planes’, M.I.A has re-issued her album ‘Kala’ which features a 6 track bonus CD. Worth buying again for that alone if you ask me.


Get Fresh – Kid Sister (YSI) (Alt Link Mediafire)

Shells (Slow) – M.I.A (YSI) (Alt Link Mediafire)


Kid Sisters Myspace

M.I.A’s Myspace


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2 thoughts on “The first ladies of everything good

  1. says:


    Firstly, it’s like impossible to actually meet other favourite bloggers in actual person, what with the planet being sooooo big n all. It was awesome to bump into you at the Surkin gig. Totally cool. I saw you earlier and thought to myself it may be you, but I soooo didn’t want to ask, coz I thought I’d look a right tit if you I got it wrong. Phew! i can’t think of a more perfect setting. Surkin rocked.

    Secondly, I’ve written up, but haven’t yet posted an article all about the ‘scene queens’ of the last few years which mentions both MIA and Santogold, amongst a couple of others, so it’s great to see you give them big’s here too.

    WE HAVE TO MEET UP FOR A DRINKY SOMETIME SOON! Pleeeeeease. Name the pub and the date and I’ll be there, so we can wax lyrical about all things Brighton coolness etc etc….


    p.s. my email is :

  2. Lohands says:

    Just read this. Thanks for the kind words chap. It was nice to meet you too.

    Have you posted the article yet? I’ll check it out.

    A drink would be cool sometime. I live a pretty hectic life with unsociable hours but I’ll definitely give you a shout when I have some free time.


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