Pulling Your Chain


Let me introduce you to Master Shortie. A 19 year old rap artist from South London. With a difference. You may recognise him, if you think about it hard enough..and if you touched the festival circuit at all this summer that is..

I came across Master Shortie in a way that wouldn’t normally make an artist stick in my mind. The first instance was at Field Day, the second at Bestival. Both times Shortie was on stage MC-ing with one of my top rated UK acts right now, Filthy Dukes.

I don’t normally focus on a guest MC playing with an act I’ve gone to see if I’m honest, because normally they do nothing for me. Its only when they really stand out, put their own stamp on the tunes or give off a special kind of stage presence. And Master Shortie did that, not by storming around and being all in your face either, just in a really humble, get the crowd moving sort of way.

Anyway this stuck with me, because I never caught his name, until yesterday, when I found his tunes linked to Filthy Dukes on the itunes store. I bought both E.P’s and urge you to do the same. This guy is awesome and before long, expect him to become a central part of the indie-electro scene as we know it.

Dead End (Radio Edit) – Master Shortie (YSI) (Alt Link Mediafire)

Rope Chain (Goldielocks Mix) – Master Shortie (YSI) (Alt Link Mediafire)

And here’s the video for Rope Chain..enjoy..


Master Shortie’s Myspace


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3 thoughts on “Pulling Your Chain

  1. justin says:

    yea shortie is freshhh, u can watch ‘dance like a white boy’ music vid here even in hd, sooo dope!

  2. lohands says:

    Yeah i checked that out yesterday, im not sure if i like that track or not, i reckon it’ll grow on me.

  3. Tom Scott says:

    Coor im a fan of that track pretty darn sweet, cant believe he’s supporting basement jaxx on tour atm, he’s on stage tomorrow again!
    think that d.l.a.w.b track must be out on single soon right?!

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