London Loves Cola


From what I can tell from his Myspace page, 20 year old Cambridge lad KiD Cola seems relatively new to the music scene. Everythings quite minimal, we learn about a new night hes starting with a friend in Cambridge, a couple of tracks are up and that’s about it. Because of this my initial gut reaction is that the track I just received in my inbox is probably going to do nothing for me.

But as soon as I hit play, that changes. The Crystal Fighters are an odd little band, odd but good. Making speedy dance music with Basque instruments, synthesizers, and their voices, not the easiest track to rework I’m sure. KiD Cola nails it though, keeping hold of the original vocal elements and slamming down a heavy grinding bassline.

This track is definitely dancefloor worthy, infact it had me tapping my feet throughout. His mail out told me it would ‘keep you on your feet ‘till the early hours’ – they were spot on there.

The Crystal Fighters – I Love London (KiD Cola Remix) (YSI)
(Alt Link Mediafire)


KiD Cola Myspace

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