Wolves That Battle

2009 just keeps getting better and better and we’ve still got 11 days of 2008 to go.

With so many exciting new releases due next year its hard to imagine it getting any better..but it has and its all down to Patrick Wolf.

Patrick has voiced some details on his 4th album due out next Spring. The album will be called ‘Battle’ and it’ll be released independently through his own label, Bloody Chamber Music.

Here’s what Mr Wolf himself had to say:

“My roots in the music industry have always been firmly placed in independent music. As a teenager, I was inspired by visionary labels such as Digital Hardcore, Fierce Panda, Planet Mu, and Tigerbeat 6. As an 18 year old, I was given full creative space by the small label Faith and Industry to grow and to make the records and sounds I had to. After two independent releases I decided to experiment to see what would happen when a major label and my third album collided. It was very beneficial and a great learning curve for me, but I am very happy to be back in the creative, free world of independent music; on my own label, Bloody Chamber Music (A bloody chamber being a heart, a tribute to the book “The Bloody Chamber” by Angela Carter), started earlier this year.

So, here I am. Album four with my own record label. With the old world recording industry a rapidly sinking ship; recording studios closing weekly, free downloads daily, more musicians hitting the long road than ever before to feed themselves, I am happy to have come across a new intimate system of audience and artist participation called Bandstocks. This will be funding Bloody Chamber Music, and the international physical and digital release of my fourth album, Battle, and its collective singles. It’s an exciting game we can play together; you get to be an investor and stakeholder in the album. You will get special editions, first copies of the album, private privileges and mixes… and we get to conquer the world together and show that independence and self sufficiency are the two ways forward and out of the mess the industry is in.

When I pressed my first EP we made one thousand vinyl copies. We sold these at friends’ shops across the UK, and with the money made we funded the mix of Lycanthropy. The music industry needn’t be so complicated or Wizard of Oz. It’s time to drop the curtain and stop relying on a stale patriarchy. I’m excited, I hope you are too. Welcome to the future!”

Don’t know about you, but I can’t wait.

Patrick Wolf – Don’t Say No (YSI) (Alt Link Mediafire)


Patricks Website

Patricks Myspace




2 thoughts on “Wolves That Battle

  1. therecommender.net says:

    Hi Lynz

    I’m looking for a new fellow contributer for my blog, The Recommender.


    I don’t mean to seem like a poacher or anything, so perhaps just a ‘guest post’ would be something you could do?

    Let me know if you fancy some sort of colaboration and we can sort it out between us.

    Always liked your taste and you write well, so it would be cool.

    Just an idea…

  2. Lohands says:

    Hey Mike,

    Sounds like a fun idea. Any thoughts on what sort of thing you’d like me to do?

    I’d be up for a guest post or two for sure. I’m pretty jam packed for the rest of this year with xmas/nye and all that, but we’ll have a think in the new year! x

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