Lovers Love Haters


If like me you were saddened when The Organ broke up you must have been ecstatic when they released the final E.P ‘Thieves’ this year. But after you’d played that on repeat over and over again I’m guessing the realisation that there would be no further releases hit you also and you found yourself wondering what would fill that hole where the once brilliant band lived. It was a hard time right?

Well I have some good news for you and it comes in the shape of former guitarist from The Organ, Deborah Cohen. After putting down her guitar Deb felt there was something missing and thought it time to pick it up again and start something new. And what has been born from that thought is the fantastic new project, Lovers Love Haters.

If you loved The Organ, you will definitely feel the same about this. Filled to the brim with the same haunting melodies with some added driving beats and punchier sounds. Deb herself says that the main focus still lies in the simplicity in the melodies of all the instruments and that appears to be the truth and I tell you what, its beautiful. One thing we didn’t get to discover with Debs involvement with The Organ is that she has a amazing voice. The vocals compliment the overall sound perfectly.

I’m sure the next question is where do I get hold of this? If that’s the case, you’ll be pleased to know that Deb is currently in the middle of relocating from Vancouver to London where she will join her new band mates, writing what will eventually be a full length album and of course releasing her new material.

You can hear the completed 6 tracks now over at her Myspace page, I suggest you do it. Immediately.


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