Lonely Ghosts


You guys remember Help She Can’t Swim right? I sure hope so. In my eyes they were certainly one of the greatest lo-fi indie bands the south coast had ever produced. It was a sad day for me when I heard the band were going “on a break”.

Luckily for me this cloud has a silver lining in the shape of The Lonely Ghosts. Formed in 2006 as a solo project for Tom Denney, former Help front man, The Lonely Ghosts have rapidly formed into a group of five friends playing together whenever they get the chance. They’re quite an all star line up too. Joining Tom is his former Help band mate Leesey Frances. And that’s not all, they also have ex- Not Katies drummer Luke Heffson (who now also has his own side project Aquaplaning Into Fallow Deer) and Jim Morrison, Laura Mardon and Russell Eke all have some rather exciting projects themselves. Check out the bands Myspace page for more details.

Obviously with Tom and Leesey involved there are slight elements of Help throughout The Lonely Ghosts but they certainly aren’t a carbon copy. The passion is the same, pouring out through Toms vocals and the urgency is present throughout. There are softer moments however, verging on beautiful at times.

You can catch the Ghosts live twice this month if you’re in London. The first being at Bardens Boudoir on the 15th and the second at The Macbeth on the 23rd.

You can get your hands on brilliant album ‘Don’t Get Lost Or Hurt’ for a small fee of £6.32 on itunes which I suggest you do immediately.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a little taster..

The Lonely Ghosts – Happy Lovers / Friends Forever (YSI) (Alt Link Mediafire)

Don’t base all of your hopes on the BBC’s shortlist..these guys are going to be massive this year.

And for old times sake…

Help She Can’t Swim – Pass The Hat Around (YSI)


Lonely Ghosts Myspace

Help She Can’t Swim Myspace


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