Diamonds Are Forever


I’ve been keeping my eye on this chap for awhile now and collecting awesome song after awesome song from him whenever I can get my hands on them. So I figured it was about time I showed him some appreciation.

The person in question goes by the name of Baby Diamonds and hes from San Diego, California. He first caught my eye, or should I say ears when I blindly stumbled across the track ‘Teenagers’ which was definitely one of the best new songs I came across in the latter half of 2008.

Mixing together a fresh electro sound with some brilliant hooks and vocal lines, hes a pro at creating a catchy little ditty that’s for sure. Signed to Burn The Fire Recordsalongside current rising acts Mr Gaspar and Big Nasty, this guy is definitely one to watch.

To make things even better hes released his first full length album as a free to download affair on his My space page which you can find the link for below. Entitled dB, its 42 minutes long and has been one year in the making. A year well spent as far as I’m concerned. Included is the aforementioned ‘Teenagers’ which I will also provide you with here..

Baby Diamonds – Teenagers (YSI) (

And just to get you in the mood here’s a couple of remixes by the guy himself. Two extremely guilty pleasures of mine. They couldn’t be more different or more brilliant..

Sisqo – Thong Song (Baby Diamonds Remix) (YSI)

Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Baby Diamonds Remix) (YSI) (


Baby Diamonds Myspace

Burn The Fire Records Myspace

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