Work This Out


Things are certainly looking good for former Ladyfuzz drummer Ben Esser. His first full length entitled ‘Braveface’ is released on the 4th of May this year and his live shows are picking up rave reviews all over the shop.

I’m a sucker for Esser, I really am. This guy is a true talent and I can’t fault any of his releases to date.

The next release in line is the brilliant new single ‘Lets Work It Out’ which hits stores on February the 23rd.

You can take a look at the fantastic new video right here..

Esser – Work It Out – Out 23rd Feb

Excited much? I know I am..and to add to the excitement, by the looks of his comments on Myspace theres a remix by The Shoes in the pipeline..bound to be a gem.

To keep you going until the release, feast your ears on this one..

Esser – Work It Out (The Very Best Club Remix) (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)


Esser’s Myspace

Esser HQ



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