I’m all over NONEWYORK at the minute, as you’ve probably noticed this isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned them.

Made up of Californian duo Danny and Tyler, who describe there sound as a combination between earthquakes and sex. Hot n Heavy stuff. Sounds good right? Well how about you check them out for yourself?

First up I’m going to link you to a mixtape they made exclusively for Antidomingo.TV. It features some of the heaviest tracks of the here and now and has been irritating my neighbours for the last few the same, turn it up LOUD.



The Squire Of Gothos- I Only Wanna Be With Bass
Flo Rida- Low (NONEWYORK Remix)
NONEWYORK- Shake That Thing
Nepo- No Dance (NONEWYORK Remix)
HeavyFeet- We Gettin Crunk
12th Planet- Element 16(Sulfur)
AWKTAVE- Kandi Kid Mosh Pit
Distance – Koncrete
Crissy Criss- Don’t Mess About
Kid Cudi- Day ‘N’ Nite (A1 Bassline Vs. Rusko Wonky Mix)
Kid Cudi- Day ‘N’ Nite (Crookers Remix)
Thrills- T.I.P. (Culture Prophet Remix)
A1 Bassline- Bad Man Horror Theme (Mustard Pimp Remix)
Hostage- Shake It (AC Slater remix)
Something Wrong- The Future ft Omar10.0
StereoHeroes- Washout (MiKix The Cat Remix)
Claire Hux- Holy Ghost in the Club (Thrills Remix)
Lady Sovereign- I Got You Dancing (Jack Beats Remix)
NONEWYORK- Dance All Night Then Go Fuck
Crookers- What Up Y’all (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)
Little Boots- Meddle (AC Slater & DJ Skeet Skeet Remix featuring Goldielocks)
Zingone & Nina – Kick it (Stereoheroes remix)
Disco Villains- Cali Luv (Dskotek Remix)
Zomby- U Are My Fantasy (Street Fighter II Theme Remix)

Secondly heres a blinding remix the guys sent me at the end of last month that I never got round to posting…

Nepo – No Dance (NONEWYORK Remix) (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)

Don’t forget, as I’ve mentioned before..their single Cocaine Bassline is available to buy now HERE. Buy It. These chaps deserve your support.




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