On The Grind Again..


I posted this track originally back in October last year, just after its official release. Easily one of the hottest releases of 2008, its now been reworked by JakZ and has been given a new lease of life. As if it needed it??

If you haven’t heard of Jaymo by now then I’d like to know where you’ve been. Answers on a postcard please. For those of you who have had your heads buried in the sand…

Jaymo, along with Andy George (a favourite of mine), Benni Cassette & Ingo Staar runs a night called Moda in the capital. In 18 months they’ve gone from a 300 person launch party, to selling out a 1600 capacity super-venue, being broadcast to the world on Radio 1 & getting announced the 4th best club in the UK by Mixmag. Not bad eh?

Jaymo and Andy George can also be found on Radio 1, as part of In New DJ’s We Trust.  You can tune in to them on the first Friday of every month, it makes a damn good listen, trust.

Jaymo has a line of amazing remixes forthcoming this year including ‘Work It Out’ by Esser (which can be heard on his Myspace page) and Audio Bullys ‘Let Me Be Me’. Keep your eyes and ears open because this guy is going to keep getting bigger.

Jaymo – On The Grind (JakZ Remix) (Direct Download) (Alt Link YSI)


Jaymo’s Myspace

Club Moda

Radio One In New DJ’s We Trust

JakZ’s Myspace


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