Bassline Workout


A1 Bassline, AKA Christian Shank, is all over the place at the minute. I remember awhile back now, after I first discovered and fell in love with ‘Girl Thing’ and ‘My Baby’, it seemed like I was waiting forever, desperately scouring every website, hoping he’d dropped something new. Well, it was worth the wait, because right now..everything he touches is pure gold.

I’ve been waiting for this remix of Esser’s ‘Work It Out’ for awhile now too. I’m sure you can relate to that if your love for these two guys is as intense as mine. Dream collaboration? I think so.

Esser – Work It Out (A1 Bassline Remix) (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)

Thats not all we have to look forward to either, A1 Bassline has some awesome tracks coming up in the very near future, including the following:

Yo Majesty – Don’t Let Go A1 Bassline rmx – Domino;
Little Boots – New In Town A1 Bassline Rmx – 679;
Heavy Feet – We Getting Crunk A1Bassline Remix.

You can check out the Yo Majesty mix on his Myspace page right now, I cannot wait to drop that one.


A1 Bassline Myspace

Esser’s Myspace


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