Metric Burns Paris


You get those tracks every now and again that everyone wants to remix. Something about them screams “GIVE ME A REWORK”. The result is normally a real mixed bag, filled mainly with average and sometimes quite rubbish edits.

Ladyhawke’s ‘Paris Is Burning’ was one of those tracks in 2008. For sure. It gets to the point where I just stop listening when I see that yet another DJ/Producer has stamped their name on it. Which is a shame really, because I’m sure that buried inside that big pile of nothingness there’s the odd gem that I just can’t bring myself to find.

Luckily, Alex Metric does not have that problem when it comes to being found. Easily one of my top DJ’s/Artists of the minute, everything Alex puts his name to is going to be winner with me.  Over the last two years Metric has proved himself as fantastic producer, songwriter, vocalist (you can hear his own vocals on the superb ‘In Your Machine’ if you didn’t already know) and with his latest remix he proves hes still a cut above the rest when it comes to giving tracks that dance floor magic they’re screaming out for.

Ladyhawke – Paris Is Burning (Alex Metric Remix) (Direct Download) (Alt Link YSI)

2009 is going to be a busy year for Mr Metric as hes currently working hard on finishing his album and getting his live show together, which will by all accounts see him rocking a shiny red keytar. I’m looking forward to it.

And as for Ladyhawke, shes rocking up on Brightons shores on the 19th of May. Buy tickets for what is sure to be a brilliant show HERE.


Alex Metric’s Myspace

Ladyhawkes Myspace


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One thought on “Metric Burns Paris

  1. George says:

    Alex Metric is awesome!
    I cant wait for him to play in brighton.

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