Do I Repeat Myself?


As we all know and as I’ve mentioned myself a few times, ‘It’s Blitz!’ the new album from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s is out very soon, April 13th infact. I’ve been really good with this one. Not only do I refuse to post any of the leaked tracks, I refuse to listen to them. Ok, so I had a sneaky listen to ‘Zero’, but you literally can’t get away from that one right now. I’m determined to experience the same excitement I’ve had with previous YYY’s albums, I want to rush down to the stores on release day, run home, crack the CD open and listen to it fresh.

Of course, I’m no saint, its been hard, but in order to prevent myself cracking, I’ve been reminding myself how much I love them by circling their back catalogue on repeat. It was at this point that I stumbled across a little gem I haven’t heard in years.

I’m of course talking about ‘Hello Tomorrow’ which is a simply beautiful collaboration between Karen O and Squeak E. Clean. The track was put together for a once epic Adidas commercial in 2005. The 90 second advert was put together by legendary Spike Jonze who was by all accounts Karen O’s then boyfriend. After working on ‘Hello Tomorrow’, Squeak E. Clean (Jonze’s brother) then went on to produce the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s second, brilliant album ‘Show Your Bones’.

Short but sweet, this track is the thing of dreams.

Karen O & Squeak E. Clean – Hello Tomorrow (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)

If thats not enough, check out the video too..


Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Myspace

Squeak E. Clean’s Myspace


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2 thoughts on “Do I Repeat Myself?

  1. geoff says:

    I just discovered this commercial and this song, but I can’t get it reliably anywhere and your links are down. Can you repost it to your drop?

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