No Glitter In The Gutter


April 14th brings the release of the long awaited 4th full length album from Metric. Four years have passed since the bands last album, ‘Live It Out’ and its certainly been worth the wait.

The album is up for pre-order in many different formats right HERE.


Help I’m Alive
Sick Muse
Satellite Mind
Twilight Galaxy
Gold Guns Girls
Gimme Sympathy
Collect Call
Front Row
Stadium Love

If you’re looking for the perfect musical accompaniment to your Spring 2009, then you’ve found it right here. ‘Fantasies’ is yet another example of what Emily Haines and Metric do best. A brilliant collection of punchy, indie pop songs that will have you singing along by the second listen. Nobodies vocals give me shivers like Emily Haines, shes clearly still got it! Seriously, Metric do not disappoint with this one. I’m so glad my fears about that have been put to bed.

Festival circuit anyone? I hope so.

Metric – Help, I’m Alive (Immuzikation B-ting Like a Hammer Remix) (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)

Metric – Gold Guns Girls (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)


Metric’s Website

Metric’s Myspace


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3 thoughts on “No Glitter In The Gutter

  1. bucket says:

    The download limit has been reached for this file. 😦

  2. lohands says:

    The YSI ones have been reuploaded 🙂

  3. Ant says:

    Metric one week, Depeche Mode the next….

    April is truly showering us with awesomeness.

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