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Well, heres an album thats been a long time coming. Was it worth the wait? I’m quite undecided.

When MSTRKRFT dropped ‘The Looks’ back in 2006/2007, they were kings of the scene. It didn’t seem as though any artist would get a look in on the throne they were raised upon. Until now.

‘Fist Of God’ isn’t a bad album that’s for sure. And for most MSTRKRFT fans, like myself, I’m sure it’ll only get better with a few more listens. But for an eagerly awaited follow up such as this, its almost a let down.

Opening track, ‘It Ain’t Love’ featuring Lil’ Mo, is not the best start. If I’m completely honest, when I hit play this track scared the hell out of me. The vocals are mediocre, they don’t fit the track, at all. If you ask me they’d be more at home on a Ministry Of Sound House Anthems compilation. Theres no power, no grit, no dirt..just pop fuelled wailing.

But theres hope. I have to admit, I came close to turning the album off after track one..hoping to salvage any past admiration I had for MSTRKRFT and not let this album ruin it. Luckily, it got better.

Stand out tracks definitely include ‘Vuvuvu’ and ‘Bounce’, both of which are made for the clubs, if ‘Bounce’ doesn’t make you want to do exactly what the title states, then theres something wrong with you. However, due to the fact that both of these tracks have been circulating since the middle of last year, they’re not the tunes to save MSTRKRFT from slipping off the radar.

For me the saving comes from ‘Word Up’ which features one of my favourite hip hop artists, Ghostface Killah. Its just a shame that the same drive doesn’t translate across the rest of the album.

MSTRKRFT (Feat. Ghostface Killah) – Word Up (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)


MSTRKRFT’s Myspace


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