1000 Minutes – Part One


I was doing some blog browsing recently when I came across a project that truly inspired me to think long and hard.

The project is called ‘1000 minutes’ and it has been created by the boys over at Tympanogram. The writers of the blog, Andy and Dave have started an ongoing list project in which they choose 1000 minutes worth of tracks they would fill an mp3 player with if they were stuck on a desert island with only that to listen to. The rules are simple, they’re not with each other, so they can’t share music and bit rates/file sizes are not relevant, the mp3 player will hold EXACTLY 1000 minutes. I’ve been following the project over the last few days and it really is worth following.

You may be thinking whats the point? Well, for me its simple. For some of us, we flood our ears, hard drives and stereos with so much music it can sometimes lose its meaning. So having to pick a limited amount of music that you would be stuck with for life, with no chopping and changing and nothing new to treat yourself with is actually pretty damn hard.

Now, I get quite excited about stuff like this. My inner geek loves the idea of making lists and organising my music collection, so I’ve decided to start something similar. I’m not up for copying the boys at Tympanogram’s idea (and I hope they understand that my reason for this is pure, unadulterated inspiration) but instead, I want to put my thoughts down too.

So, here it begins, my 1000 minutes….thank you Tympanogram for a brilliant idea.

I’m going to start with a handful of tracks that mirror my mood today. I’m full of cold and flu, its a horrible day down in Brighton so to fit with this chilled out tracks are what I’m all about. I’m going to share some songs that I find truly beautiful, whether its lyrically or musically they all move me in one way or another.

1. Scanners – Lowlife [3:20] [time remaining – 996:40] (YT LINK)

‘Lowlife’ can move me in different ways depending on how I’m feeling. With this track, Scanners have managed to capture the feelings of loss, despair, hope and longing in a compact three minutes. Sarah Daly’s vocals are filled with desperation, so genuine, they can almost make you feel a little uncomfortable..as if you’ve stumbled across a private conversation you shouldn’t be listening to. Lyrically, one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

2. Cat Stevens – The Wind [1:41] [time remaining – 994:59] (YT Link)

I had forgotten about this song until 2002, when I watched my now favourite film, ‘Almost Famous’ for the first time. There is one particular scene in that film where we see Penny Lane (played by Kate Hudson) dancing around an empty venue in bare feet amongst the rubbish left by the gig the night before. Never have I witnessed a piece of music compliment a scene so well. Short but sweet, this song also reminds me of growing up, I only wish it was longer.

3. The Pretenders – Don’t Get Me Wrong [3:49] [time remaining – 991:10] (YT Link)

“I’m thinking about the fireworks, that go off when you smile” – that lyric alone never fails to make me smile. I was only 3 years old when this track was released, but for me it stands the test of time and describes the feeling of infatuation perfectly.

4. MirahRecommendation [1:21] [time remaining – 989:49] (YT Link)

Considering shes released five albums, Mirah seems to be relatively unknown in this country. I myself stumbled across her late one night in 2005/2006 and this track had me instantly hooked. ‘Recommendation’ tells the story of what appears to be a bitter break up, with Mirah advising her now ex what they’ll be missing if they let her go. A really simple track with a drum machine beat, softly spoken vocals and a repetitive synth backing track…so simple, yet so perfect.

5. Kings Of Leon – Fans [3:37] [time remaining – 986:12] (YT Link)

This is the track that converted me towards Kings Of Leon. Before my good friend Freya made me listen to ‘Fans’ in the summer of 2008,  I refused to give them a chance, assuming that they’d be miles removed from my taste. This particular song has stadium anthem written all over it and by all accounts it pays homage to the bands fans in the U.K. I learnt a valuable lesson with this track…always listen to Freya.

6. Metronomy – Heartbreaker [4:13] [time remaining – 981:59] (YT Link)

I’m taking a risk with this one, considering this track is not even a year old there’s quite a high chance I’ll get bored of it soon right? Not a chance. This song has been in my daily playlist (whether in original or remixed form) ever since I first got my hands on it. ‘Heartbreaker’ is as catchy as it is woeful, making it quite the juxtaposition. It works however, and forms a modern take on heartbreak for the electronic generation.

7. Scarlet – Independent Love Song [3:51] [time remaining – 978:08] (YT Link)

Please don’t laugh at this one. At 12 years old, I’d just grown out of my pathetic boy band stage… Now imagine how annoying I was when I truly believed that listening to artists such as Alanis Morrisette and Natalie Imbruglia made me ever so “alternative”. Scarlet were definitely one of the 90’s one hit wonders (and well…If I’m honest, I’m not sure if reaching number 12 in the charts even qualifies you for that..). Most people I talk to about this song look at me blankly and that saddens me. The build up from the verse to the chorus demonstrates what a good pop ballad should sound like.


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6 thoughts on “1000 Minutes – Part One

  1. Andy says:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts, but let me give you a piece of unsolicited advice – slow down! You’d be surprised what limiting yourself to two songs at a time will do to your list. 😉

    Nice KoL and Cat Stevens choices.

  2. lohands says:

    Sure am. Brilliant Idea. I’ve been thinking about it for ages! You’re right though, it’d be interesting to look back in a years time and discover which tracks were maybe “rushed” choices…think I just got excited! Haha.


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  4. Ralphy says:

    Linzlita I love it!! This is such a good idea! Cat Stevens = totally. And I remember Scarlet, I had the Now CD with it on. Not sure if it’d make my 1000 minutes though, hehe…

    I am thinking about my 1k minutes now, but am already facing the dilemma of including some of my favourites along the lines of Explosions In The Sky, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, A Silver Mt Zion… and their 10 minute songs hogging valuable time. Pffsh. I wonder how many Hanson songs I could live with out… probably not many.

  5. lohands says:

    Thanks Ralph.

    Although not my idea (as I’m sure you read).

    Hanson? No Alice. Let them go.


  6. Si says:

    hey I just found this through random blog searchings, it’s certainly interesting I find it hard enough to do a scattergun blog where i write about any kind of music, this must take a lot of focus! good luck with ti!

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