1000 Minutes Part Two…


I continue with my 1000 minutes..for those of you who are are wondering what I’m talking about, check this out.

After some sound advice from the creators of this project, I’ve decided to slow my 1000 minutes down abit. Why? Well, once I’ve run out of the designated minutes, there’s no turning back, no editing. That will be it. After discussing the idea with my girlfriend last night we decided how interesting this would be, looking back in a years time and picking out the tracks that I’ve changed my mind about. I like to think that it wouldn’t happen, but who knows. With that, I’m going to try and be as selective and ruthless as I can be.

8. Modest Mouse – Float On [3:28] [time remaining 974:40] (YT Link)

Now here’s a track that always makes me feel alright. No matter how bad things are I find this song almost helps put everything into perspective. This song became quite the indie anthem when I first started university and was arguably Modest Mouse’s most mainstream success. Not only incredibly catchy, but it gives the genuinely positive message that things are never quite that bad and not to worry because we’ll all float on OK.

9. Urusei Yatsura – Hello Tiger [3:18] [time remaining 971:22] (YT Link)

This track is one that completely skipped me by at its time of release in 1998. I’m surprised really, because at that time I was really into my lo-fi/britpop style bands and this would’ve been a perfect addition to my then collection. Instead this song was put on a mix CD for me by my good friend and then work colleague Luke, a good 5-6 years later at least. It was a compilation on constant rotation in my car and this song in particular stands out for me as a good old fashioned, suns out-windows down-volume up driving track. Its perfect. Try it.

10. Sleeper – Nice Guy Eddie [3:21] [time remaining 968:01] (YT Link)

As if this track needs an explanation? Sleeper were always going to be included in this list, the only question was which track. ‘Nice Guy Eddie’ isn’t my favourite Sleeper track, but I believe its the one that has stood the test of time most successfully. Now 13 years old, ‘The I.T Girl’ is one of those albums I can still rotate over and over again without skipping a single track.

11. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps [3:40] [time remaining 964:21] (YT Link)

Its not often that I agree wholeheartedly with what the NME has to say. But who could argue with them when they voted this track the best alternative long song of all time? So many love songs lack the sincerity that make them brilliant, ‘Maps’ is not one of those songs. Karen O’s ability as a front-woman is and always has been outstanding, she is certainly one of the best of our generation. And with ‘Maps’ she took the opportunity to show a different side to the bands sound and excelled. One of the only music video’s to ever bring a tear to my eye, this track is simply beautiful.


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3 thoughts on “1000 Minutes Part Two…

  1. Steven says:

    Ah, Urusei Yatsura! They should have been HUGE. They weren’t. Life is unfair.

    Nice selection. I’ll have to give some thought to my own1000 minutes…

  2. Mike says:

    Hi nice project and great tunes that you chose, any chance you could re-post the Sleeper – Nice Guy Eddie track ? pretty please….


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