Gone Too Far


I am all about Buraka Som Sistema at the moment. I must admit, at first its took me a little while to appreciate them. Credited with creating the “progressive kuduro” genre, for me it was quite an acquired taste. Now however, I cannot get enough.

The latest track they have lent their token sound to is the new Dre Skull single ‘Gone Too Far’ which features the vocal stylings of the one and only Sizzla. The single came out on March 25th and is available to buy at Beatport. Not only can you get your hands on the Buraka remix, but it features edits by Lee Mortimer, Goon and Rico Tubbs too.

This track is genuinely off the hook..

Dre Skull Feat. Sizzla – Gone Too Far  (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)

..and for old times sake, lets crack out a Dre Skull classic…

Dre Skull & Juiceboxxx – Centre Stage (Kissy Klub Version) (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)


Dre Skull’s Myspace

Buraka Som Sistema’s Myspace

Kissy Sell Out’s Myspace


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