1000 Minutes Part Five


I’ve left a little bit of time between Part Four and Five. For a number of reasons, being a little busy with work and life in general is obviously one of them. But mainly I wanted to ensure that I wasn’t just plucking some of my favourite songs out of the air because they were the first that came into my head…

I know there’s been a little bit of a break, so or those of you who don’t know what I’m going on about, check this out.

18. Genesis – Invisible Touch [3:26] [time remaining 940:26] (YT Link)

I don’t know what it is about Phil Collins, but he is hands down, one of my favourite artists and has been for pretty much my entire life. I guess it links to my childhood as my Dad is probably one of the biggest Phil Collins fans you’ll ever meet (aren’t most Dads?). So as far as Phil’s back catalogue goes, well it was basically part of my staple diet as a kid. I know its abit corny, but screw it.. its a damn catchy track and never fails to make me smile or sing along, just as I did as a child, in the car with my Dad.

19. Alison Moyet – Only You [3:12] [time remaining 937:14] (YT Link)

Continuing along the same theme, this track is one that will always remind me of my Mum. Not only does it have that emotional attachment for me, I really do find ‘Only You’ remarkable. Although I’ve labelled this as Alison Moyet, ‘Only You’ was actually the first single for her band Yazoo in 1982, a year before I was born. Riddled with that classic 80’s sound, it has nostalgia written all over it and will always strike a chord with me. Nobody writes ballads like they did in the 80’s, I swear.



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