1000 Minutes Part Seven


Today for my 1000 minutes I’ve decided to pick two of the best bands to come out of  England’s South Coast in the last decade. Both of these bands have a similar feel to them with their male vs female vocals and punchy indie sound which is something that grabs me instantly if its done well.

22. Help She Can’t Swim – My Own Private Disco [2:34] [time remaining 925:08] (YT Link)

Nobody makes raw British Indie like Help She Can’t Swim if you ask me. Not since the days of Brit Pop anyway… Which is interesting because the band have a slight Brit Pop influence to certain tracks contained in their back catalogue of two full lengths and three E.P’s. Even after their split in 2008, HSCS remain an incredibly important band for me personally mainly due to the album ‘Fashionista Super Dance Troupe’ (2004), which has racked up more plays as a whole album than the majority of my music collection since its release. The track I’m sharing above is a favourite by far.

23. Blood Red Shoes – Its Getting Boring By The Sea [2:56] [time remaining 922:38] (YT Link)

In my opinion, this song is one of the greatest indie tracks produced in the last couple of years. Released in 2007 as a single and in 2008 on their debut album ‘Box Of Secrets’ this is my favourite track by the two piece Brighton band. The longer I live in Brighton, the more I can relate to the lyrics, not being able to escape anything in this town is certainly an accurate statement.

What am I talking about? You know the drill…


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