Always The Show Stopper


Ok, I couldn’t resist any longer…May the 4th isn’t that far away, I know. But I have no will power.

Apart from the Drums of Death mini mix preview I posted last month, this is the only track I’ve heard from Peaches forthcoming album ‘I Feel Cream’. Obviously I could’ve heard more if I wanted to as its flooding Hype Machine at the moment, but I really am set on waiting til its release.

As soon as I heard that ‘Show Stopper’ had been produced by Soulwax however, I couldn’t resist. I’m kinda glad I didn’t too, because if this track is a sign of whats coming from the album its only built on my already established excitement. This is Peaches back in her former glory. Everyone else can step aside.

Peaches – Show Stopper (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)


Peaches Official Site

Peaches Myspace


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One thought on “Always The Show Stopper

  1. ZZ says:

    Love your write up – I want sum PEACHES

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