Waste No Time


Wasting time is something that Chew Lips do not believe in. As demonstrated in their Kitsune released first single ‘Solo’ with vocalist Tigs making it known with lyrics “We don’t wanna waste no time, no time”.

They certainly haven’t either, formed earlier this year they’ve received the kind of hype that most bands dream of, or at least wait a few years for. Championed by Steve Lamacq (hes named them as his big tip for 2009), signed by Kitsune and sprinkled all over the blog world, there’s no getting away from these guys.

I must admit, I’ve sat on this band for awhile now, wanting to give them a good and thorough listen before I made any judgement. In that (wasted) time, I’ve decided they’re a grower. Not particularly original at this time I must admit, there’s hints of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, La Roux, Metric and Fresh Legs throughout their demo’s..but good all the same. Especially after such a short time together, given more time they could really blossom into something amazing. Lets just hope they don’t waste it.

‘Solo’ is out now and you can buy it at Beatport or with iTunes.

As a taster check out the video….

….and check out the brilliant remix by Tepr

Chew Lips – Solo (Tepr Remix) (Direct Link ) (Alt Link YSI)


Chew Lips Myspace

Tepr’s Myspace



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