Might Like You Better


Is there no end to Amanda Blank’s talent? Its starting to seem that way.  Making waves since 2006 when she featured on Spank Rock’s track ‘Bump’ and shes been seen collaborating with artists such as Santigold, Aaron Lacrate, M.I.A, Ghostface Killah, N.A.S.A and many more ever since.

One of the greatest female MC’s/Vocalists/Performers of the last few years, she has an undeniable charm and a recognisable sound which can only be set to grow after the release of her debut ‘I Love You’ in July.

The latest track I’ve come across can be found a line or two below, its the freshest thing I’ve heard in a long time…

Amanda Blank – Might Like You Better (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)


Amanda Blank’s Myspace

Downtown Records



2 thoughts on “Might Like You Better

  1. geoff says:

    Is she really one of the hottest female MC’s of the last few years? I mean I like her too, especially after I caught her show with Santigold yesterday, but I didn’t even know her until the Top Ranking mixtape.

    What else do you recommend of hers, since it seems like you’ve been on her since the beginning?

    • lohands says:

      Personally, my favourite Amanda Blank stuff came on the album she did with Spank Rock and Aaron Lacrate, ‘B-More Gutta’. Its an awesome album – Only about a year old as far as I know, but dont quote me on that.

      Shes been dropping in all over the place for awhile now, with guestdrops on the Steve Aoki Pillowface mixtape, the N.A.S.A album more recently aswell as on Yukseks recent album. And of course as you already mentioned..Top Ranking.

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