1000 Minutes Part Nine


For my next installment of this project I’ve decided to throw in what I consider to be the ‘supergroups’. Within this category I’m referring to artists/bands/djs that I’ve had a long time love for across their back catalogues. The type of artists that I will love unconditionally, even if they release something I consider to be low standard in comparison to their past works. This grouping is quite selective as there are very few artists of this type that make the grade in my eyes, but incredibly important to me.

Still wondering what 1000 minutes is all about? Check out the main page or the inspiration for this project.

26. No Doubt – New [4:24] [time remaining 907:51] (YT Link)

My love for No Doubt began at a young age. I remember hearing ‘Don’t Speak‘ on the radio when I was about 12 years old and falling for it instantly. Which looking back now, I kind of hate considering this was their most commercial stage, but at 12 years old, you don’t really know any different. As soon as I saw Gwen Stefani on T.V, that was it, I was sold and she was instantly my hero. My pocket money was instantly designated to buying ‘Tragic Kingdom‘ and the two albums previous. A few years later I hit a major ska-punk influenced period of my life, into which No Doubt followed me and their back catalogue never grew old, infact their collaborations with Sublime may aswell been the theme to my life at the time as they were regularly on rotation in my CD Walkman. My love for the band still stands and choosing a track for this project from their five releases was incredibly difficult. It won’t be the last.

27. Daft Punk – Digital Love [4:58] [time remaining 902:53] (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)

What can I say about Daft Punk that hasn’t been said before? Probably nothing, when a pair of DJ’s can rack up over a decade of success its only natural that they would be featured in my list. Not only do I love everything this pair have ever released, I can safely say that they alone influenced my musical taste single handed-ly in my early adult life. Picking an individual track by Daft Punk is hefty task, mainly because their albums fit so perfectly together in track listings that its almost impossible to take a single away and listen to it without wanting to feature a full album. ‘Digital Love‘ however, is such a fantastic track I couldn’t leave it out. It comes from their 2001 release ‘Discovery‘ which is probably my least favourite of their studio albums but the personal memories associated with it helped it make the cut.

28. Basement Jaxx – Take Me Back To Your House [5:08] [time remaining 897:45] (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)

I don’t want to get repetitive here, but choosing a track from Basement Jaxx took me a hell of a long time. To most fans picking a track from their most recent release ‘Crazy Itch Radio‘ may even be considered as sacrilege when the albums previous, such as ‘Remedy‘ for example, beat it hands down. But as this list is meant to portray my personal thoughts and memories of my music collection I decided to leave my pretentious critical view outside the front door. ‘Take Me Back To Your House‘ holds some brilliant memories for me from a time with less responsibility. Where myself and my best friends cared about nothing more than spending the majority of our time together and counting down to the next weekend. I miss that time alot, it sucks when general life gets in the way doesn’t it? This track would always guarantee my friends flooding back onto the dance-floor when I was playing a set and whenever I drop it now, it makes me smile even if they are no longer present. Aside from the emotional rubbish…its a damn catchy track.

29. M.I.A – Paper Planes [3:25] [time remaining 894:20] (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)

I remember when I first heard this track, my good friend Ross had just bought ‘Kala‘ on CD and put it on in his little green car. I’d been holding off from listening to any of the leaks found online as I was so excited for M.I.A’s second album. I remember loving the whole album instantly, but ‘Paper Planes‘ stuck in my head, as it obviously did for most people as its possibly M.I.A’s most commercial success. Nothing sounds better on a summers day than this track pumped out loud…especially when you’re cruising round Southampton in a clapped out old banger. Ha.



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3 thoughts on “1000 Minutes Part Nine

  1. great choices dooooooooooood!

  2. Guess Who! says:

    take me back to your house 😀 i miss those times so much!!!

    love you xx

  3. lohands says:

    Me too Mr. Love you too xx 🙂

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