Madly In Love


What I want to know is how Hervé ever gets anytime to sleep. Or eat. Or do anything that isn’t slamming out amazing tune followed by awesome side-project. How??

In the past we have celebrated his solo work, his releases as The Count & Sinden, the brilliant Machines Don’t Care, Speaker Junk and many of his other collaborations.

Now, The Young Lovers is the side project taking the foreground. I originally heard my first Young Lovers track (‘Shake Off The Ghosts’) on Hervé’s 2009 release ‘Ghetto Bass’. At the time, I had no idea it was another one of his side projects (I know, time to catch up right?)…and then I stumble across the brilliant ‘Love You Madly’…..

I’ll be honest, the track has quite a Housey vibe to it which isn’t to my usual taste. But there is something about this track that really makes you feel like summer is on its way – which is a good job really, because waking up to rain in the early hours did not make me happy today.

Now by all accounts this track isn’t exactly new, but the buzz surrounding it is down to the release of The Young Lovers full length on May the 11th.

The Young Lovers – Love You Madly (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)

and as an extra bonus, just because I love this track and I want an excuse to post it…

(as featured on Hervé’s Ghetto Bass) – (Buy Album Here)

Human Resource – Dominator (Hervé Remix) (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)


Hervés Myspace


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One thought on “Madly In Love

  1. It is a dope ass track, but that jam has been out for a minute now. I didn’t even realize Herve was in on that track, so I do appreciate that info. haha

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