Aoki Is Gifted


A week or so I linked the live video for this remix as found on the Dim Mak blog. After a little wait, here we have it…and my god, it was worth it.

N.A.S.A (Feat. Kanye West, Santigold and Lykke Li) – Gifted (Steve Aoki Remix) [REMOVED BY REQUEST UNTIL MASTERED)


Steve Aoki’s Myspace

N.A.S.A’s Myspace


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11 thoughts on “Aoki Is Gifted

  1. thekingsofgreen says:


  2. Ubbs says:

    Heard some of his mixing back in the day and mashes and it was awful but i’ve got to admit hes onto something good, even that Chris Cornell track was a banger

  3. lohands says:

    Re-up on YSI done.

  4. NoooO! says:

    It’s gone! This was such a sick track. Put this back up for DL asap, I really liked this one.

    • lohands says:

      Like it says in the post, its been removed by request and will be back up when the track is mastered.

      You’ll like it even more then I’m sure!

  5. […] Aoki Is Gifted A week or so I linked the live video for this remix as found on the Dim Mak blog. After a little wait, here we have […] […]

  6. Noise Porn says:

    Sorry for the random comment but here’s a crazy idea for a great cause and it would be great if you could cover it on the blog?

    2 music-obsessed nutters are driving from London to Mongolia this summer in aid of Save The Children. That’s 10,000 miles of potholes, deserts, AK47s and dodgy borders.

    They’re delivering a rescue vehicle to a charity out there and donating a load of educational materials and clothing, while raising as much money as possible for Save The Children.

    To help them get there they’re asking for DJs from all over the world to submit mixes for them to listen to non-stop all the way there. That’s 800+ hours of driving time and we want to fill it with your mixes! We’re asking for £1 from each DJ towards the cause.

    We’ve had hundreds uploaded already, and all of them will be podcasted in sequence once we leave.

    Head to to find out more and upload your mix

  7. Aaron Richardson says:

    Ohhhh Steve! since when can you produce?

  8. Ubbs says:

    This ended up being hugeeeee

    We just got the Aston Shuffle remix up and its equally gooood check it

  9. new steve aoki on my blog.
    up for download is im in the house by steve aoki

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